Who we are ?

Our website address is: http://cantique.conec.me.

What the benefit of purchasing C’antique art products? All the benefit after purchasing C’antique product are

1. Each product that you have purchased from C’antique is unique in which there is only one, there is no the same product that identical.

2. Each product has it very own authentic certification card.

3. *You eligible to participate in C’antique gift.

4. *You eligible to selling back the product you have been purchased to us.

What’s C’ANTIQUE gift ?

C’antique Appreciation Program is our contribution to appreciating Indonesian Art.

By purchase the art it’s meant that you also contribute to giving support to our artist so they can create more beautiful art in the future. You also can feel the benefit of our C’antique gift program. An appreciation program that is given to C’antique art collection.

How to participate in C’antique Gift?

You need to register your product certification number on our website.

What if I don’t register my product certification number?

You’ll not eligible to participate in C’antique Gift.

Is there any time limit for me to register my product certification number?

We suggest you do the registration as soon as possible, but if you do the registration after we announce the winning product, therefore, you are not eligible to claim the prize. 

When is the C’antique Gift Event take place?

C’antique Gift will take place every Saturday for every week.

Where can I see the C’antique Gift Event?

You might watch our C’antique Gift Event live by visiting our Instagram account at @cantiqueplace 11.00 AM GMT+07.00 Indonesia Local Time, and if you missed the event then whenever you win the C’antique Gift our Collector Service representative will get in touch with you.

What is the prize of C’antique Gift?

All the prize will be in the form of money with Indonesian currency.

If I win C’antique Gift how do I get the gift

We will bank transfer the prize.

Why the value prize I receive different from nominal announce?

The total nominal prize you receive is the total after deducting the tax and administration fees for the bank transfer.

If one of my C’antique product win, is there any chance for the same product to win again in the future?


How long it takes until I receive the prize?

Processing time is 7 working days plus additional time for overseas bank transfer.

In what currency the prize will be calculated?

All the prize will be calculated in Indonesian Rupiah regardless the origin country of the beneficiary.

Is there any tax?

All prize is subject to Indonesian Tax Regulation.

Any tax obligation from collector home country will be beyond C’antique responsibility.

How can I sell back my product?

You’re eligible to sell back your product to us after one of these conditions is met.

1. There are no product defects.

2. You already own the product for 12-month start from the date of purchase.

3. You still hold the right of ownership of the product.

When I can resell back my product to C’antique?

You are eligible to resell back the product to us after the required time period is fulfilled, and you only have 1 month to do so.

What if I missed the 1-month time frame?

You’re no longer eligible to resell your C’antique product to us.

Where do I need to deliver the product?

Please send it back to the address location you get after completion of administration.

Is there any charge when I sell back my product?

There is no charge but,

Any shipping and packaging cost will be borne by the Collector.

Any bank transfer fee will be borne by the collector.

How much value I will get from reselling my product to C’antique?

You’ll get the same exact value when you purchase the product from us.

If I have any question regarding C’antique Gift where I can get the answer?

You may contact our representative at

Email                                  [email protected]

Instagram                           @cantiqueplace

Phone & Whatsapp         +62-31-503-7700

Where is C’antique located?

Our head office is located in Jl. Ratna No.14, Ngagel, Wonokromo, Kota Surabaya, Jawa Timur, Indonesia 60246